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    Ceist 5 ordinary level Aoifecass14

    I dropped down to ordinary a month ago and we never really did question 5 in the class. I am so confused what it is asking of me. Can anyone give me any help in how to do it? please

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      Well in 2015's one:

      It is asking you to write a blog or account based on what is happening in each picture with the help of the points given. For example, see the points it asked in 2015:

      cén fáth a raibh tú ar an bhfón (Pictiúr 1) - Why were you on the phone?

      cad a tharla ansin (Pictiúr 2) - What happened then?

      cuntas ar an oíche ag an gceolchoirm. (Pictiúr 3) - Account on the night of the concert (so like what happened - much similar to point 2)

      I hope this helped!

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      Thanks @sryanBuren

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