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    Does duine misniúil work for an t-ádh Aidandaly2kPro

    I only understood duine cairdiuil and duine cabhrach so I took a random choice and said duine misniúil (courageous person) would that work? Only way I think it'd work would be Seamas and micilin having the courage to hide on Tom beags boat and sail with him. Stupid Q soz

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      That could have worked I guess, but I chose duine seafóideach (silly) and wrote about how they were quite childish. I'd say you'd still get most of your marks though.

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      I chose misniuil too thinking it meant a different word! I don't know if you'd get marks though

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      Same Sarah I thought it meant bad person but duine cairdiuil and duine cabhrach wouldn't work! No worries hopefully the examiner will understand us and give us marks

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      yes I thought misniúil meant mischievous haha good luck for the rest of your exams :) hopefully they do give us marks! I would say they would give us attempt marks :)

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      I hadn't a clue of the other words other than cabhrach and cairdiuil haha

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      you should've used friendly for the three boys

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      I put down Duine sprionlaithe - Miserly person.

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      They'll most likely give us our full marks because courageous actually fits if u think about it :) thanks and good luck to you for the rest of your exams too 👍

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      you too x

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      thank you!!! yes im sure they would give us marks but I just wrote out the story and didn't really give a reason why courageous fits into the story :)

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      You too. I was so lucky that I put down Duine sprionlaithe (I hadn't a clue what that meant).

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      Naoise I had a doubt they'd give us full marks for duine cairdiuil because that meant friendly person instead of persons but maybe you'll still get marks if that's what u said

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      i read in a different thread that it doesn't matter if you say people instead of person. idk if that's right :/

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      Sarah you don't really need to say why X or y fits into the story you just write down the same sample answer every time and simply change the theme :)

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      oh ok few haha thanks so much :)

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      Can we just be happy that it's over? Haha

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      Np Sarah ;) and we are happy it's over Sean apart from the listening haha

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      Yeah I cannot wait for the French listening (Sarcasm.... - I will 100% fail it... I'm so bad at listening exams)

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      omg the listening was sooooo hard haha

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      I did not even understand some of the questions... like Cad as do??

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      Really :/ I find French aural waaaay easier than Irish aural but remember practice makes perfect

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      I don't find any listening easier even Music... I guess that's my big weakness.

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      I didn't understand the irish listening questions and I just guessed. French is hard too :(

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      We've been doing Irish for 11 years and French for only 3 years yet I think French is easier... What's the logic haha

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      We've been doing Irish for 11 years and French for only 3 years yet I think French is easier... What's the logic haha

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      Irish is taught horrifically that's why.

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      hahaha yes I know a lot more French vocab than I do in irish haha

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      One day I even contacted the Minister of Education about the horrific teaching of Irish. Here's the reply:

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      The Minister for Education and Skills, Ms. Jan O’Sullivan TD, has asked me to respond to your recent e-mails in relation to the teaching of Irish in schools.

      Ireland’s constitution has enshrined Irish as the first official language of the State and it is therefore the duty of the government to uphold and protect the status of the Irish language. This has been the position of successive governments since 1937. Irish is also an official language of the European Union and is a living spoken community language in parts of Ireland.

      This Government is committed to supporting the overall thrust of the 20 Year Strategy for the Irish Language 2010-2030, and to the delivery of the goals and targets proposed. As part of this, a thorough reform of the Irish curriculum and the way Irish is taught at primary and second level is being undertaken. The priority is to take steps to improve the quality and effectiveness of the teaching of Irish.

      A revised Leaving Certificate curriculum in Irish began in all schools in September 2010, and was examined for the first time in 2012. The revised programme provides for an increase in the proportion of marks available for oral assessment to 40%, and is aimed at promoting a significant shift in emphasis towards Irish as a spoken language, where students can communicate and interact in a spontaneous way, and where Irish is spoken every day in schools. A review is currently underway of the oral component of Irish in the Leaving Certificate, and it is expected that a report will be published on this in early 2016.

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      I am trying to help Irish a little more on this forum - as you can see by my threads LOL.

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      Wtf what a fucking cheeky response they completely ignored your allegations

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