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    Exam nerves?!! elenah123

    So,I know that everyone is nervous on their exam but when I sit the exam I go blank ! Any tips ;/

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      Its important to actually relax and have enough sleep before the exam. Dont stress yourself out and say you're going to fail. Try to stay positive and confident ( think: it's been 3 years practice, i'll be fine).

      Take it calm and easy during the exam. Dont rush and use highlighters! I know the tape is a pain but dont make that bring you down.

      I suppose to actually remember stuff, i always relate stories/letters etc to funny events or movies to make them memorable in my own way. They just all come back once I see the question.

      And dont worry!!! Remember that all of us are going through exactly what you are at the same time... It'not the end of the world.

      Hope this helped a bit, good luck :)

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      If you do history for people in history i highly recommend flash cards for key dates and points as you can bring them everyehere youll be fine. Best of luck:-)

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      Thanks everyone for the help :)

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      Make sure you know the information so well before the exam so you want cram and it'll come to you naturally. It'll reduce stress big time and youll end up getting better grades

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