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    Help I'm stuck Sineadsweet15

    Our teacher is crap she comes into class goes on her tablet and were just sitting there we have iontas 3 and were meant to have done 422 pages we've only done 28 she doesn't focus on the actual jc we've done no oral work I think we're way behind 😁

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      Honestly Idk how teachers like that exist. How are they hired if they do nothing? The fact that you've only done 28 pages in a book of 422 is disgraceful at this point of the year (whether you're in 6th year OR 5th year)

      Good luck with that

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      MysticManiac this is JC, she's not in 6th or 5th year...

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      Oh oops. well whether ur in 2nd or 3rd year, it's disgraceful

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