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    Help me in HL IRISH Sineadsweet15

    im in HL irish and my teacher says im not allowed drop and we have iontas 3 and the comprehensions and question are so hard and she never actually goes through anything

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      Try going through them yourself at home and writing out the translations.

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      Contact me at and I will give you a trick that you can use for almost any comprehension question!

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      the best way to learn Irish and most languages (for me at least) is to write/speak as though you were writing/speaking english - just in the other language - Then every time you get a word you don't understand look it up or get your teacher to look through it with you ( basically the bare minimum a teacher can do) and write down the english and the irish version of the word in the same essay or letter or whatever it is, the just read back through your old work and notes to learn off the new stuff.

      Don't try to change the way you think and speak to suit your vocab. change your vocab to suit your speech patterns

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      If your teacher isin't letting you drop get a note from home?

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