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Stargirl Junior Cert Irish — 21/09/16 5

How should I study for the JC Irish ? What is in the exam ? What will happen during the exam ? What should I get ready for ? What should I know to pass ? In Irish JC, what score/points are u likely to pass the Irish JC exam and what grade is best for going into transition year when they divide you in classes ?? PLEASE HELP ME !!!!

kagami1 — 21/09/16
Hey, try dedicating about 1 hour a day to Irish and studying on past papers and vocabulary. Seeing as we have the same teacher, any vocabulary she gives is crucial to learn. Try your best and if you fail, who cares?! All that matters is you try your best!! :)
kagami1 — 21/09/16
This may help!
Stargirl — 21/09/16
Ok, thanks for the advice ,
eoghan_15 — 21/09/16
AN HOUR A DAY how am I suppose to have time for that!? WitHow aLloyd the other subjects
JCScenes — 21/09/16
1) Listening : Try do a listening in class or maybe once a week at home. Listen to Raidio na Gaeltachta 2) Comprehension : Practice doing these, expand vocabulary 3) Grammer : Learn all rules ( no way out of this one!! ) 4) Story : Learn one story that you can apply to every title that may come up. E.g Bank Robbery 5) Short Stories : For unseen, practice practice practice!! For studied, learn a story with a large amount of themes. 6) Poetry : Same as above. 7) Letter : Expand vocabulary and learn Layout, Intro and conclusion. Best of luck!
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