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    HELP- unseen poetry atracey8864

    any tips for the unseen poetry section apart from just knowing vocab. higher level. would appreciate any help. thanks

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      Part a of the unseen poetry is kind of random so you can't actually prepare for that apart from learning vocab obviously.

      But for part b, the same type of questions usually come up. You just need to have a few phrases ready for each question you think might come up.

      Questions that are frequently asked are:

      -Téama Theme

      -Mothúcháinn Emotion

      -Cosúlacht Similarity

      -Difríocht Difference

      -Líne a mhínigh ... Explain this line...

      Cén sort duine... file/ duine na dán What type of person is ... poet/person in the poem

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      Use your sentence construction well. for example if they ask you "Give difference/similarity between the 2 poems" say "Difríocht/cosúlacht idir an dá dhán ná....... an mothúcháin. as an example. or you can say it like "Tá móthúcháin difríocht/cosúlacht sa dá dhán"

      So if you have a good structure with an example of what you chose from the text you should be fine.

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      thanks so much

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