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    HELP UPSET casper7400

    Hi I'm looking for an exam corrector as I am very upset . I did the second letter today and wrote the letter that I went to my cousins where my cousin should of came to my house. This is how read it .Just wondering would I still I get many marks as I am very upset over this .tks in advance

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      i'm sure you will get attempt marks

      if you wrote a good intro and conclusion I think thats 10 marks

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      Hiya- I'm sorry but I'm no expert, but I will give you my opinion

      One of the main rules when answering exam questions in any topic is to always answer the question asked therefore I think you will get some marks, but you most likely will not get all your marks as the examiner could say that the right question was in front of you and that its not their fault that you misinterpreted it.

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      you will only get penalised for the same mistake once!!! don't do a post mortem on the paper casper7400 but if the letter was worth 30 marks and all your verbs were correct and you included all the points you should get (depending on the examiner) 22-26 marks out of 30!!!! i could be wrong but i lookede it up for you!!! good luck with the rest of your exams!! :)

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      Tks everyone .how did your Irish go to today ?

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      It went fine. Only for the short story I had no idea what the words meant but I made a guess and I found that it was right

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