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    Help with aural and comprehensions? roro123

    does anyone have any tips for the aural? I can understand most of it but sometimes I just don't get it or know what they are asking?

    Also, how can I get better at comprehensions? What happens in the comprehension if you take the answer directly from the passage and don't put it in your own words?

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      Keep practicing the aural. It's all you can do.

      For the comprehension, you can take it directly but if the question is asking it in a differremt style, try interpret it to fit the question.

      Also, expanding your vocabulary will help these sections greatly.

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      Thank you @JCScenes !!

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      OMG do people ever check to see if threads are made already?

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      @SyranBruen, I've seen your threads before and they are very helpful, but I can't find the answers to the specific questions I asked in your thread, so I've asked in my own thread. Also, I wanted to get tips from lots of people.

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      I did not help on aurals much but your answer to comprehensions is in it.

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      @SyranBruen, I don't have time to read through all the forums to find my answer somewhere in them. I could find no obvious answer and also wanted tips from lots of people, which is why I asked my own question in my own post.

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      Firstly, you worded your sentence wrong, it's supposed to say "I don't have time to read through your thread to find my answer somewhere in it". Secondly, here's the trick:

      Irish comprehensions can be hard to answer and most students copy straight from the text. However, doing this, especially on HL will only get you a few marks - maybe not even half the marks for each question that you give this type of answer to - even if it's correct! You MUST refer back to the question.

      What I do, is I first add the article "an" to the sentence and the thing that the question is asking me for - example, fáth (reason). So I write down "an fáth" - the reason and then copy the rest of the question and at the end of that write down "ná" and copy your answer from the text! Therefore, this way, you are not copying EVERYTHING from the text - some of it and you're referring back to the question. This way, you get your full marks easily.

      Do I need to explain things further?

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      Btw, I ask students to look in my threads because I cannot repeat myself without getting angry. Repeating myself is the worst way to make me angry but there ya go anyway ^.

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      Thank you @SyranBruen, that answer helps me a lot !! But I don't mean I just didn't have time to look through your thread, I meant I didn't have time to look through all the threads in the irish section to see if my question is there.

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