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    Help with confusion of teacher! SryanBruen

    My teacher says to me that I need to stop thinking in English and start thinking in Irish when writing stories. This is very confusing and I find it so annoying that school doesn't teach us essential things of learning the language - "Beatha teanga í a labhairt!" - A language lives if it's spoken. What does he mean by start thinking in Irish? I can barely use the phrases he gives us in EVERY STORY like he says! He says I'm translating literally, I wasn't even translating. I looked up in the phrases on an online dictionary! Please help.....

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      I'll try and explain this for you in a simple way although I am not the best at explaining, so please bear with me

      Your teacher is trying to tell you not to translate things to Irish in the way that the sentence is structured in English...

      For example :

      Beidh biseach ort go luath

      which simply means :

      You will be better soon

      But do you see how 'Ort' which means 'You' is behind 'Biseach'? But in English 'You' is before 'Better' ...

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      Yeah.... but I don't do that.... I try to work out the right order. Unlike most students, especially my class, I actually spend my time trying to work hard on it. I've improved 100% since this anyways. Thanks anyway. I taught myself the grammar I need to know to be good at Irish and now I know general basic Irish that is literally up to all Junior Cert standards

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      Yeah I have seen from previous posts that your Irish is brilliant! Sometimes teachers like to pick students apart, even if their work is excellent. Just don't dwell on what he said and keep on working hard because i'm sure in June you'll be even better as language is a progress that improves over time.

      No problem and best of luck.

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