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I got 56% in HL Irish. Now What?! :(
naxmax9 Junior Cert Irish — 11/06/16 2

My teacher said anyone who gets below 70%+ will be dropped in the third year. I can't believe I got so low I wrote so much for the essay question. So what do I do? Will I be dropped or is he joking?? I don't want to do ordinary level Irish.

MinionHypnosis — 11/06/16
No teacher can actually make you drop down, they can just advise you :) If you really want to stay in higher then just tell them you'll keep working on it, in the end the level you wanna do is your choice not theirs.
Sofias10 — 11/06/16
Teachers can only advise you which level to do, they can't actually make you drop, that is your own decision.
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