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    Irish story about an accident at a disco aoife81

    Any phrases? Need all the help i can get?

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      I already have a thread for phrases in this forum for any type of letter or story or essay etc

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      Fire at the disco?

      Baineadh geit uafásach asam. Bhí deatach i ngach áit!

      -I got a terrible fright. There was smoke all over the place!

      Bhí mé ag crith le heagla.

      -I was shaking with fear



      D'fhan mé i mo staic,

      -I stopped with shock

      Ba bheag nár thit mé i laige.

      -I almost fainted

      Thóg mé amach m'fón póca agus chuir mé glaoch ar a seirbhísí éigeandála.

      -I took out my phone and called the emergency services.

      Ní raibh mé gortaithe buíochas le Dia

      -I wasn't hurt thanks be to god.

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