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    Junior cert Irish listening sophie544

    I really want to get an a in Irish but the listening is bringing me down, I was the only one in my class that managed to get a b in the mocks but I only got like five out of fourty in the listening. Does anyone have any key info that we need to learn for the listening. I have the less stress more success but find it has way to much info for the listening

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      No I'm afraid there is no "key info" that you can learn for the listening. All you can do really is practice past listening, learn vocabulary and have a good ear for Irish.

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      I got a B in my mocks also and I got 16/40 on the listening.

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      It is really hard especially when they bring in the people with Donegal Irish, just try to learn place names, times etc

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      Ya it's very hard, just make sure you know what is being asked. In less stress more success Irish revison they have frequently asked questions for the listening! Just do your best, it's not worth as much as French listening anyway so you shouldn't drop too much!

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      Thanks everyone!

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      This website really helped me hope it helps!

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      Thank you

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