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    Leamhthuiscaint Help Adamoc0806

    find the leamhthuiscaints hard. Just wondering if all you have to do is copy the answers from the piece or do you have to change the wording to get full marks

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      With the new changes to the course you will get full marks for copying the answer straight from the comprehension so long as it makes sense. If you can change it slightly to better suit the question that would be ideal but im not sure if its 100% necessary

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      Irish comprehensions can be hard to answer and most students copy straight from the text. However, doing this, especially on HL will only get you a few marks - maybe not even half the marks for each question that you give this type of answer to - even if it's correct! You MUST refer back to the question.

      What I do, is I first add the article "an" to the sentence and the thing that the question is asking me for - example, fáth (reason). So I write down "an fáth" - the reason and then copy the rest of the question and at the end of that write down "ná" and copy your answer from the text! Therefore, this way, you are not copying EVERYTHING from the text - some of it and you're referring back to the question. This way, you get your full marks easily.

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      Use the stem of the question in answering and copy the rest of the answer from the passage

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      Watch out if its says stuff like "againn" in the text. You have to change it to "acu"

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