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    Mock Oral help ASAP please MaryJane1402

    I have my oral next week and Im still unsure about the structure of the oral and the questions asked. Does anyone have all the questions they will give and good tips to ace the oral?

    Thanks in advance x

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      The exam is split into 4 sections.





      The rólghlacadh consists of 10 ads about things that are taking place, such as an Irish course, trip away, summer Camps etc... Students must ask the examiner ten questions related to the ad, ie, what is on, where, what time, how much does it cost?

      There are 5 pictures in the picture sequence.

      They are simple enough and are loosely based on the Leaving Cert structure.

      The examiner chooses one and students must discuss what's happening in the picture.

      The comhrá is much the same format as Leaving Cert.

      The best book with the layout, sample answers and notes for the Junior Cert Oral IMO is An dTuigeann Tú 3 (The back of the book has a detailed section on it).

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      Thank You so much. I just had my oral and I got Sraith Pictiur 1 Thank God

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