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    Need help with Pros and Poetry! maxxpot77

    I currently have a useless Irish teacher who has done 1 poem and 1 pros in 1 and a half years. This will not be enough for the Christmas Exam or JC , so can anyone recommend the easiest poems and pros to do in about 2 and half weeks? I have already done Dioltas an Mhada Rua and Na Blatha Craige, and would like to study at least 2 more poems and 2 more pros.

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      I studied only one prós throughout and it was An tÁdh, I was grand with that.

      My poems were: Na Blátha Craige, Faoiseamh a Gheobhadsa and An Ghleann inár Tógadh Mé.

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      The poems An tÓzón and Reoiteog Mharfach are pretty easy in my opinion. I haven't done two of Sryan's poems but I did find the lines of An Ghleann inár Tógadh Mé hard to learn, partly because they're longer than the other two I mentioned. For prós I've done Calua and Spás, they're both okay, I think I found Calua a little bit easier but I'm not sure.

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      An Gleann inár Tógadh Mé was a very easy poem for me but I guess that comes to personal preference. I did learn An tÓzón in my own time - not in school as he did not do it.

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