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    ORAL FOR IRISH Sarah2014

    can someone tell me any phrases/websites I can look up that has good vocab etc. any tips on doing the oral? thanks :)

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      please check out my threads I have for helping 'bout anything in Irish from HL tips to phrases to practice for the oral etc.

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      wait are u the same Sarah that knows me on this very well?

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      yes I am the same Sarah I just got rid of my profile picture :)

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      Ok? Did u post this 'cause my threads aren't working for ya?

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      I cant find the thread with the irish oral tips

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      Well there's plenty of threads by me in the JC Irish forum (you can easily find them with my profile pic)

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      I know that thanks but im looking for what do you do in the irish oral?

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      Well the Oral is actually very simple. Questions could be like:

      An dtaitníonn spórt leat? - Do you enjoy sports?

      Taitníonn spórt liom - I enjoy sports

      ^ Just answer the questions very simply. There are many different variations on the questions but it doesn't matter as they are very easy to answer once ya know BASIC IRISH lol.

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      ok thanks

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      Because JC Irish Oral is very basic compared to the LC Irish Oral

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