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    ORAL HELP Eve smith

    anyone have any notes for junior cert irish oral need them asap my school doesn't give us notes for it !!!

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      Stephanie K

      What topics do u need and I might be able to help u?? I don't have notes but am in LC

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      Eve smith

      im not actually to sure cuz our school doesn't help us with orals atall so i dont even have any idea what i need to learn and finding it hard to find a grinds teacher sorry thats probably no help to u but if u cud tell me what stuff i need to know that wud b a great help ;)

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      do all schools have to do orals in the jc

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      It's optional if you do it in the JC, but you have to do it for the LC.

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      There are 180 marks going for the oral in total:

      10 for greeting (saying hello, smiling as you come in, how you present yourself, etc.)

      30 for rolghlacadh (roleplay) there are eight advertisements, the examiner picks one and you have to pretend you're inquiring about it and you have to ask the examiner ten specific questions about it

      40 for sraith pictiur- you've heard of these obviously, there are 5, examiner picks one and you describe it

      80 for general conversation- just a basic chat about your life

      Hope I'm not forgetting anything, and I heard somewhere that some schools don't follow this layout at all, but this is the official way it's supposed to be done. Hope it helps :)

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      Is it not 40 marks for the roleplay and 30 for the picture sequence?

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      eoghan_15 yep my mistake sorry :)

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