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    Paper 2 Chloe12345678910

    Did anyone find it easy or?

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      I found it easy. I just had trouble in the proes comprehension. I did diotas an madra rua for cleverness and mac eile ag imeacht for parents

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      I thought I did quite well, but after hearing everyone elses answers 👀

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      I think I did okay no theme covered the poems I had studied really so I got stuck there but other than that it was grand.

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      I thought paper 1 was okay but paper 2 was really hard

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      I studied an tAdh and picked misneach for the theme?? Will I lose much marks for that

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      How did you tie it in;] If its well supported it should be fine.

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      Honestly I'm terrible at irish so I HADNT a clue what to do 😩I just said 'there's a lot of ___ in the story' I didn't even know what the word meant Id to guess 😩

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      I suppose an tAdh has something to do with courage. I said courage for Billie Holiday

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      Thank God 😩 sure loads of people found it difficult so

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      My school is writing a letter of complaint about the pros themes!

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