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    poetry and sceal Liisaa.m

    how do you get your sample answer for your sceal to fit the topics that will come up on the paper ?

    how do you study for the letter?

    should i bother learning the mosh coinniollach and saorbriathar?

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      Just learn a generic start and end for the sceal that will fit most topics. Same goes for an informal letter. Those two tenses can come up in both papers also but dont spend too much time on them

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      the saorbriathar does come up but we haven't done the moth conniollach yet in school

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      You need to learn some useful phrases for the opening and closing paragraph. There is no real way of knowing what will be asked so practise writing different plots have u done any in school? And just learn useful phrases!! For the letter it's the same have a good opening and closing paragraph.. I don't think the letters are too complicated so u should be okay! Both of those tenses can come up but I'd focus on phrases for the letter and story x

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      It will very likely have a different setting compared to stories you have written but you can still fit in your stories you have wrote already in class, just change the setting to suit the subject on the paper. Always pick the second option on the paper of "eachtra a tharla" (an event that happened, the rest of that sentence changes). You can fit "Timpiste" (an accident) into almost any setting on this question.

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      And you should learn the saorbhriathar and modh coinníollach for your own benefit. I can help you with them if you want.

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      To study for the letter, you practice past exam questions on the letter and once you're done all them, you will have a good few letters to learn from. For each, you should use the same opening and closing - therefore, very easy to learn.

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      if you know some essays most of the time for the letters you can put some of them into it!!! i have a brilliuant irish teacher and we havent even done modh coinniollach (but i did it in the gaeltacht) good luck !!

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      sryan could you do the modh coínníollach please because my teacher hasn't done any of it yet or the saorbriathra

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      Yes Sarah. Here it is but reminder first: Always remember the rule "Leathan le leathan, caol le caol" for EVERY TENSE.

      Basic rules first before I say the endings.

      * To form a question, you use the word "An" and add an úrú to the verb.

      * To form a negative question, you use the word "Nach".

      * To form the negative sentence, you use "Ní" and add a 'h'.

      * Like the Aimsir Chaite (Past Tense), you add a 'h' after the consonant at the beginning of the verb. (even if it's positive)

      * If the verb begins with a vowel, you add a d' instead.

      * If the verb begins with an 'f', you add a 'h' and a d'.

      * You only say the pronouns Sé, Sí and Sibh after the verb in this tense. Like in the Aimsir Láithreach (Present Tense), you do not say Mé and Muid.

      An Chéad Réimniú

      Caol (i, e)

      Mé - finn

      Tú - feá

      Sé / sí - feadh

      Muid - fimis

      Sibh - feadh

      Siad - fidís

      Example of a conjugation



      Chuirfeadh sé / sí


      Chuirfeadh sibh


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      thank you so much is the saorbriathra much different?

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      Leathan (a, o, u)

      Mé - fainn

      Tú - fá

      Sé / sí - fadh

      Muid - faimis

      Sibh - fadh

      Siad - faidís

      Example of a conjugation



      Fanfadh sé / sí


      Fanfadh sibh


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      An Dara Réimniú

      Caol (i, e)

      Mé - eoinn

      Tú - eofá

      Sé / sí - eodh

      Muid - eoimis

      Sibh - eodh

      Siad - eoidís

      Example of a conjugation



      Bhaileodh sé / sí


      Bhaileodh sibh


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      D'fhanfadh sé / sí


      D'fhanfadh sibh


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      Leathan (a, o, u)

      Mé - óinn

      Tú - ófá

      Sé / sí - ódh

      Muid - óimis

      Sibh - ódh

      Siad - óidís

      Example of a conjugation



      Cheannódh sé / sí


      Cheannódh sibh


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      The saorbhriathar ("free verb") tells us that an action has been done, is ongoing, will be done but nobody is specified to do the action (i.e. no pronoun).

      The saorbhriathar isn't a tense but a special form of EACH TENSE.

      Aimsir Chaite

      An Chéad Réimniú

      Caol - eadh

      Leathan - adh

      An Dara Réimniú

      Caol - íodh

      Leathan - aíodh

      Tugadh saor soláistí dom - I was given free refreshments (see you don't say who gave you them)

      Aimsir Láithreach

      An Chéad Réimniú

      Caol - tear

      Leathan - tar

      An Dara Réimniú

      Caol - ítear

      Leathan - aítear

      Aimsir Fháistineach

      An Chéad Réimniú

      Caol - fear

      Leathan - far

      An Dara Réimniú

      Caol - eofar

      Leathan - ófar

      Modh Coinníollach

      An Chéad Réimniú

      Caol - fi

      Leathan - faí

      An Dara Réimniú

      Caol - eofaí

      Leathan - ófaí

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      You have to know the Saorbhriathar as it came up before on past papers.

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      thanks so much

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      thanks for all the help. i just wanted to see if anyone knew a sentence that i could just fit words that suited into it. its okay though thanks for everything x

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