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    Poetry, Prós, Litreacha and scéal clodaghmcdonagh

    Does love or sadness in some way come up for the HL mocks? does cinealtas, saol na tuaithe or clisteach come up for pros? What topics come up for the letter? What comes up for the scéal?

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      For the scéal, I'd advise you to always choose the second choice on the paper. It always says this:

      "Eachtra a tharla" - An event that happened

      Then it says the setting, example:

      "Eachtra a tharla nuair a bhí tú agus do chara ag siopadóireacht" - An event that happened when you and your friend were shopping

      It's as easy as that! You could easily fit a Timpiste scéal into this second choice every year. Never go with the first choice though where it gives you the opening line of your story you compose.

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