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    Predictions for unseen poetry and comprehensions Marzipan15

    Hi, I was just wondering if there were any predictions for the junior cert Irish comprehensions and the unseen peotry?

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      You wouldn't need to know any predictions for the comprehensions as to answer the questions, you do not need to understand the passage or what the question is "fully" asking you. I have a trick to answering the questions!

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      What's your trick? Can you tell us ?:)

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      What's the trick? @AyranBruen

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      Irish comprehensions can be hard to answer and most students copy straight from the text. However, doing this, especially on HL will only get you a few marks - maybe not even half the marks for each question that you give this type of answer to - even if it's correct! You MUST refer back to the question.

      What I do, is I first add the article "an" to the sentence and the thing that the question is asking me for - example, fáth (reason). So I write down "an fáth" - the reason and then copy the rest of the question and at the end of that write down "ná" and copy your answer from the text! Therefore, this way, you are not copying EVERYTHING from the text - some of it and you're referring back to the question. This way, you get your full marks easily.

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