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    Questions for Informal Letter earlybird707

    Hi there, I have got an assignment where I have to write a letter to a pen pal and in the conclusion I have to ask a few questions. I am not certain if the questions in Irish are grammatically correct so could someone please help me to translate the following into Irish:

    -Did you see any movie in the cinema recently?

    -Who did you go with?

    -When did you go?

    -Who is your favourite singer?

    -What type of music does he sing?

    -What awards did he win?

    -Did you see any match recently?

    -Did your team win?

    And also it would be a great help if anybody could give a translation for any general questions for any letter topics.

    Appreciate your time and help,


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      An bhfaca tú aon scannán sa pictiúrlann go déanach?

      Cén duine a dheachaigh leat?

      Cathain a dheachaigh tú go dtí an phictiúrlann?

      Cén amhránaí is fearr leat?

      Cén saghas ceoil a chanann sé / sí?

      Cén duaiseanna a bhuaigh sé / sí?

      An bhfaca tú aon cluiche go déanach?

      Ar bhuaigh do fhoireann?

      Some I am not sure about but for most of these I am quite certain.

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      Go raibh maith agat😊

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