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Really want an a in Irish !!
Elisha447 Junior Cert Irish — 25/05/16 4

Anyone have advice on how to get an a in higher Irish? ? I've always been good at it in first year I got a's second year went down to b's! I got a c in my mock but I've done an oral so hopefully that will help I really want an I don't know how to study for it!! Help anyone??

joecole — 25/05/16
What areas of the Irish paper have you lost the most marks?
You don't really study for an oral if you have the questions with you for the oral revise them and you will do a good oral
joecole — 25/05/16
During the Oral, do not panic if you feel as if the speaker is going too fast. Before it begins, underline the key words in the question. If you do not understand a question, try to pick the key words during the tape and write down what you hear.
SryanBruen — 25/05/16
I already told you before (yes I did....) to check out my thread HL Tips (from Sryan Bruen). Please do not make me repeat myself. I am sick and tired of repeating the same crap.
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