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    Sceal help!! Beckamulhall

    Can somebody please tell me what sceal will come up this year?

    I've learned house fire really well and that seems to be appropriate for many questions on the paper.

    Should I learn timpiste aswell or what other stories would be worth my while looking at?

    Oh and is it true aimsir chaite is coming up in the grammar section??

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      I don't know it's always just an incident that happened to you when you were somewhere.. So timpiste will always fit in :)

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      Thanks so much Elisha! Would you know where I can get a sample of a Timpiste by any chance?

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      Your welcome! I'm not sure sorry, what I'm doing is picking timpiste story phrases from my revison book and just learning them off :)

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      Ah ok. Thanks again x

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      My thread Aistí agus litreacha ar fáil is where you'll find plenty of stories including 3 on Timpiste.

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      Thats great thanks a million ill check it out now

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