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    Studied Poetry laughterislife

    My teacher says that for the poetry section we just have to write a summary of the poem with quotes. I am confused because what has that got to do with the themes they give you? Do you have to write about the themes or just a summary?

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      Well you should write about the theme as well but a summary of the poem is fine. You just need to show that you understand the poem and you need to use correct Irish to get the marks

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      They usually give a list of themes/feelings and you write about how these are shown in the poem. But you can write a summary along with it just put the two together.. Just have a list of feelings and themes in the poem(s) you've studied and practise writing about them.. Have a good variety.. And you should be fine I've done loads of the past exam parts they're really straight forward!!

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      Thanks! I always get 15/15 in our class tests when I write about the summary etc? Do you know if it is the same with the short stories? Thank you!

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      Yes it's about the same with the short stories, just make a list of feelings/ themes you think are in the poem and practise and learn quotes!! Do you have exam papers? If you have a look at them they give you a good idea on how they ask you x

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      You only get a certain amount of marks for summarising the poem or story - to get full marks in the exam you have to show where the theme given is in the poem. If you only give a summary the max amount of marks you'll get is 12/15.

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