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    Studied Poetry - After Exam Question Dok101

    In the Studied Poetry section, I chose the 'Duine Glic' option for Question B of the studied poetry. I wrote about Dioltas an Mhada Rua. However in my answer, I said that both the farmer and the fox were sly, which would be 'daoine' the plural of duine.

    Will I lose marks for writing about more than 1 person?

    Does anyone know how many marks I may lose?


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      I doubt it, for the studied pros I wrote about two characters who were friendly

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      I did exactly the same!! No you won't because my teacher gave us a sample answer and she said you can use both!! :)

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      Was duine glic not for the studied prose? In the studied poetry, I got actual themes like Grá (which I chose), uaigneas etc. But no I doubt you will Dok101.

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      what happens if I said misniúil (courageous) for an tAdh? I thought it meant another word. will I still get marks? I wrote two pages but just got the wrong word to describe the story

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      It depends Sarah on the examiner just like how I put down Grá for An tÁdh on my mock but I got 0 MARKS even though I wrote out my whole sample answer correctly. My teacher even said it depends on the examiner that if she or he is feeling friendly on giving you marks despite your mistake.

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      Sorry SryanBruen, my mistake I meant to say Studied Pros

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      Thanks everyone for your help. I was a bit worried

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      oh ok Sryan thanks but would I not get attempt marks like 5/15?

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      Depends on the examiner! See how I got no attempt marks despite my sample answer being fully correct and I only made ONE mistake, the theme.

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      Sean that's weird how u got 0 marks for using gra for an t-adh in ur mocks because I used gra for an t-adh in mine and got 9/15 (didn't finish it)

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      HEY!!! That's unfair

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      there is obviously 'grá' in an tÁdh. the parents clearly love their children when they start crying

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      That is exactly why I said Grá for it!

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      Your teacher is actually lost

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      How weird!! We had the same company inal ur examiner must have been on her period or just a knob

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      I used grá in my mocks and got 13/15 for my answer

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      So I did a recalculation. Since I did get that right. I got 78% instead of 71%.

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      ug_roland2504, I know. He keeps correcting my sentences and then other days, he says they're grand? Like I used to always say chuaigh mé go dtí an chistin chun mo bhricfeasta a dhéanamh but then in April, he changed his mind and I had to change it to a ullmhú instead of a dhéanamh. He is a goon anyways.

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      I wrote about Máire (Dúmharú ar an Dart) being intelligent for glic, Do you think I'll get penalised many marks.. They are kind of the same?

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      Can you give me a sample answer for the feeling Duine grámhar (loving person) please for An tÁdh

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