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    Summer exams Katrina.khod


    I'm in first year and we have our summer exams soon. Would you have tips on studying Irish or any notes that you would be able to give me . What are usually on the Irish summer exams ?

    Any tips/hints would be well appreciated.

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      Especially grammar tips

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      Stephanie K

      What poetry and pros do you have done??

      You will definitely get a reading comprehension or two!

      Practice verb exercise mainly for the grammar!

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      Every school is different for their summer exams!!! However like Stephanie said, a reading comprehension or two will definitely be on it! I have never had a big Irish test without one yet (I'm in third year). Can you tell me what have you done in Irish class all year? For example,

      Have you done a studied poetry? (I didn't do 'til 2nd AND 3rd year)

      Have you done a studied prose? (I didn't do 'til 3rd year)

      Have you done any grammar? (I didn't do my grammar 'til 2nd year)

      Have you done any specific vocabulary topics? (Like vocabulary for "sláinte" (health, so like illnesses) which came up on mine in 1st year)

      1st year Irish was very useless to my next two years though. Anything in 1st year, we did not do in any other year. Your teacher should be telling you what to expect on your summer exam.

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