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    The Modh Coinniollach roisin_spriggs

    I was just wondering has the Modh coinnoillach ever come up in the grammar section of paper 1? I'm trying to learn it but it's so confusing... When looking through my papers I could only really see the Aimsir Caite and the Aimsir Laithearach so I was just curious! Thanks 😊

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      I'm doing higher level by the way.. :)

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      I don't think it comes up in the grammar section but is handy if you put it in your letter/aiste it shows your knowledge of irish..😊 but I'm not completely sure

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      Thank you!

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      Sometimes it come up my teacher said and she said if you are in top honours you should know it as it helps for the leaving cert :)

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      Thanks! @jim123

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      You should know it anyways regardless of the fact that it hasn't come up yet in any of the State papers, I'm not sure about mocks. Like my revision book, Revisewise Irish has sample (exact same exam layout) exercises on the Modh Coinníollach. Know it anyway!

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