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    tuiseal ginideach jellytot14

    what does tuiseal ginideach mean and how do you find it in the trialacha teangacha??

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      An Tuiseal Ginideach is The Genitive Case in Irish. The Genitive Case is another way of possession BUT you do not say it is like "Seán's book" etc, you say "Book of the Seán" - which is Leabhar na Seáin in Irish.

      More examples of when using the Genitive Case are:

      Cois farraige - Seaside

      Bean an tí - Woman of the house (see how "Teach" changes to "Ti")

      Hata an fir - The man's hat

      At Junior Cert, you just need to be aware of the Genitive Case even though it appears in part B of the grammar question. It is noticeable because:

      - It has two nouns with "An" or "Na" in the middle of the two nouns

      - The second noun changes from its normal form (like Teach changes to Tí or Fear changes to Fir etc)

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