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    Unseen poetry help needed kinchino123

    I was wondering is there a fixed template you can use when commenting on the theme or character is the poem.As a question on theme or characters always comes up in the unseen poetry questions. Thanks.

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      Rinne mé staidéar ar an dán ______ ( poem title) le __________ (poet name)

      Is léir go mbaineann _____ (theme) leis an dán seo.


      Is léir gur duine ______ (characteristic) é/í (he/she)_________ (character name)

      And then go on to explain your point :)

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      To answer it you can say: Baineann an dan/sceal le ...........

      some themes might be: duine og, sean duine, an dulra, use the themes you know from studied poetry and pros

      For characters you can say: Is leir gur duine.......

      some types of people include: bronach, cliste, foighneach, cairduil etc. just if you say someone is nice quote from the poem something that proves what you say is right.

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      Thanks a lot!

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