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    Unseen Prose Suitcasey114

    For the unseen prose,part A,are you allowed copy straight from the piece,or do you have to put them in your own words? On the paper it says put them in your own words,but the marking scheme has some taken straight from the piece

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      For both the léamthuiscint and unseen prose, you should not copy everything straight from the piece. However, you can once you answer the question it is asking you correctly. You can do this by:

      An + the information it is asking you for + the rest of the question (copy the whole question after the information it is asking you for) + ná + then you copy your answer from the text!

      So if it was saying "cén fáth"

      You would say, An fáth (and the rest of the question copied then you add ná and your answer from the text).

      You get full marks for this method if you form your sentences like this.

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      I haven't got a clue what the comprehensions are about and im doing hl for my mocks. any tips on actually knowing what theyre talking about?? thanks

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      Sarah if you do my "FULL MARK" easy method, you do not have to fully understand or even understand it at all!

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      So say for 2015, Q1 if I said, "An fáth a raibh sé "tinn tuirseach" de Shéimín Ó Súilleabhán ná ba bithiúnach beag a ghoideadh a chuid úll",I'd get full marks,even though I copied some of it straight?

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      Yes!!! That is correct.

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      Comprehension are so much easier in the actual junior cert itself wouldn't worry too much about them though!

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