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    HELP HELP HELP barcelona

    my teacher wants us to have an idea for your project over the mid term for the JC but i have no idea what to do. any sugestions?

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      what project are you doing?

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      what are the options? i did ww for jc and got a B!

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      Design Briefs - Higher Level

      1. Storage spaces in the home are sometimes located at a high level and are not easily accessed.

      Design and make a freestanding artefact which will enable an adult to reach such locations safely.

      Your artefact should be made from solid wood, with jointing techniques chosen to provide strength

      and stability. The unit should be designed to be portable and should incorporate an innovative

      secondary function.

      The maximum base footprint of the unit must not exceed 500mm.

      2. Marking significant historical events is an important element of cultural identity for nations

      across the globe.

      Design and make an artefact commemorating a significant historical event of your choice.

      The artefact should be elegant in appearance, be enhanced by the use of native Irish

      hardwoods and should incorporate a range of handcraft skills.

      Your design should be inspiring and encourage reflection on cultural values.

      The artefact should be suitable for display on a mantelpiece or shelf.

      3. Young people take great pride in their appearance, presentation and image.

      Design and make an elegant artefact which will neatly store and display a selection of

      personal grooming items. The artefact should be compact and designed to rest on a table top.

      Your design should be inspired by naturally occurring shapes and forms and should

      accentuate the beauty of skilfully crafted solid wood.

      The maximum dimension must not exceed 350mm.

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      do no.1 do a step stool with a step that is also a flip up drawer.

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      my teacher helped me come up with a good solution for no.2. thanks so much @study247

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