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I don't know what to do

I am in 2nd year and doing woodwork.I have no problem with other subjects,just getting a b maybe a c but nonetheless ok.Heres the thing,my woodwork teacher does not teach at all,literally.I researched the jc on the Internet and the majority of people say the jc only teaches you how to learn lc and does not really matter,is this the case.also I did not tell the principal because no one else minds this and I'll be on my own.please reply

Thatboi — 31/08/16
Also I meant a's b's and the odd c
E.Devitt — 01/09/16
Don't worry about the being on your own bit. See what others in your class think. Ask if he/she will do a bit more explaining with theory etc. If they wont then I'd be going to principle or vice principle and asking whats the story my teacher isnt actually teaching. I've done it before and it has worked
Thatboi — 03/09/16
Thank you but what I'm worried about is that the principal may mention my name and the teacher screw me over?
E.Devitt — 22/09/16
No they won't if you ask them not to
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