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    portfolio Conor11

    hi everyone I need help with my portfolio, I have all the headings im not sure how to use them... would be grateful for any sample portfolios you did

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      This is just a sample one i found online, I could email you the explained headings that I got if you want

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      Its not finished

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      Hello Conor,

      For your booklet, make sure you follow the headings below;

      If you want to achieve the maximum marks you need to at least follow the headings;

      Analysis of the selected design brief( Type up the brief you have chosen and highlight the keys words from the brief, then create a brainstorm (this shows off your analysis more). Also, write a very brief paragraph explaining why you chose your selected brief.

      Investigation/research relating to the proposed solution; (This section is the more difficult one for students; explain how you researched?? research is anything from, seeing an artefact in a shop/furniture shop, someones house to looking in books, asking advice from a carpenter/father/mother/grandparent etc.. to the trusted world wide web. Try keep your points brief and easy to read.

      Development of design ideas, their evaluation and preferred solution( another section students don't answer properly- you must do AT LEAST 2/3 design ideas, each one should show progression towards your FINAL SOLUTION. under each sketch for design idea1,2&3 you should have 3-4 bullet points explaining pro's & con's for the sketch.

      Sketches, notations and working drawings required for the completion of the

      preferred solution; (For this section, sketch isometric views of the joints used in projects, working drawings with dimensions of FINAL SOLUTION and have labels on the sketches)

      Maunfacture of my project; this section should contain images of the step by step process of the project with brief paragraphs explaining what you did. Plenty of images and brief description under each is perfect.

      • Evaluation of the design, its completion and the finished project.; (For this section, one page showing your summary of how you felt the process of designing & making the project went for you?

      Overall in the booklet, keep the heading sizes the same (size and colour), the font size should be approx 12-14 (times new roman/ georgia font). Throughout the booklet, put in cartoon type images in each section to make it look better( no examiner likes reading through tonnes of text on a hot June day). Remember, someone has to correct what you produce!!

      Hope this helps,


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      Here is my template, I forgot to mention that the cover page should show a picture of your finished project with your exam no. clearly on the cover too.

      A cutting list should also be part of the booklet too,


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      File attached to this comment hopefully?

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      Hi conor,

      I was struggling with my portfolio and was looking up tips when i came across this website:

      Really, really helpful and would highly recommend taking a look.

      Hope this helps and best of luck.

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      Cora Tighe


      What is Ohm's Law?


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      Hello Cora Tighe, that would be a physics question but to help understand it a little better check this link out;

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      Cora Tighe

      Hi Niall,

      That's super! Thanks a million!


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