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    Advice? MsGagathe2nd

    I really want to improve my grade, particularly in the Christmas Exam. Any advice on how to become more comfortable with maths, and how to revise for it? ( Honors).

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      Well I'm doing the maths honors and all you got to do (or what I do) is just to look over what you did up to know. When you finish one topic try to test yourself from the book or other sources! Also use key points and try to memorise some useful things that can same your time such as (x+a)at the power of 2 = x power 2 -2ax + a power 2 ;) hope you get it :D

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      I do the revision questions for the chapter the last few days before the test and more less test my self and if i cant do any i ask my teacher a few days before the test and that way i have a night to practice them.

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