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    HELP!!!!!!!!! lukewynne15

    I have no clue on how to do Pythagoras theorem. I have read true the chapter in my book and looked true notes that I have, however I just cant remember doing it in 1st or 2nd year

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      its a squared plus b squared = to c squared c is the longest side

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      you apply this when a tiangle has two sides !

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      11ND - CCM

      ^What sort of triangle has two sides??

      Also, I think he is talking about the proof of this theorem. If so, it is probably the hardest one and there are several methods of proving it. I can't really help on this, and I don't know any links for a website. But if you have a form of it infront of you, the only real way to learn it is rote learning and trying to learn it off by heart and write it out.

      I don't know much more beyond that but I hope it helps and good luck!!

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      This video explains it pretty well

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      sound lad!!

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      i think work on your spelling before you worry about ol' pythagrosas

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