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    Help me please! Jemma:)

    I'm in the present third year group for junior cert 2015. I'm finding junior cert maths very very hard.. I'm in an ordinary level class any ideas on what I can do to get more than a D in the mocks/junior?

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      well they're are always grinds if u feel really weak? but forget about questions in your book as i myself am a straight A student in HL maths also doing the JC this yearend try to focus on exam questions… sometimes they're easier and more like what ur actually gonna get in the junior cert! maybe try to ale notes in class to remember as much as possible!

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      Hey Shadan. Do you have any advice for remembering how to apply therums?

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      I find just reading examples and the notes or steps on how to complete it is great. Something thats key is listening in class really well and just concentrate on how you teacher explain it - usually the textbooks are awful in explaining and make it harder to understand. Have a glance at few exam questions does great tutorials on step by step maths questions

      Here is the link

      (im in Higher Level) hope this hepled :)

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      Jemma, don't panic, lots of time. You always know more than you think. I would focus on 1. theorems. 2. constructions (no maths)

      3. statistics. 4, probability. These have little or no maths involved.

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      Hey Jemma!

      What I recommend is that you jump over to the math's section :

      Just take a topic every night and practice some questions from the previous papers.

      If you're struggling with that topic look at the resources we have to help you, there's loads of videos and notes there to help you get through each topic!

      Remember, keep calm and focused when you study and you'll do great.


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      Jemma, Clix advice is great. Take one thing at a time, get to know that and it will give you confidence to take a step by step approach for new areas of study.

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