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    Indices class3a1

    What does Indices come under in Maths??? Help test tomorrow....

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      Yeah I don't know either and its such a hard chapter

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      stanley stove

      how do u indices

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      stanley stove

      What does Indices come under in Maths???

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      Hello guys (a Maths teacher here)

      Indices , Exponents and Powers are all the same thing. They can come up in regular Arithmetic and Algebra.

      So if you would like some help give me some example questions but you must show me how you have tried yourself to start with.

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      Also there are some good videos on this topic here

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      If the question was, EXPRESS (the square root of) 50 - (the square root of) 32 + 2(and the square root of) 8, the answer is 5(and the square root of) 2 .....How do you do that sum?

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      Hi I have attached a solution. I will post some notes on surds tomorrow.

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      It doesn't appear I am able to upload a picture of the solution.

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      Okay I made a quick video solution to your question.

      attachment Surds.pdf

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      indices are just normal maths dont worry like you multiply the exponent by what ever number

      e.g. 5 to the power of 2

      5 x 5 = 25

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      HELLO!!! How can you find out from a number what is the power of it like 16 is obvious that its 4 to the power of 2 but say if its 64 how do you do it. Please help thanks this is great

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      @VampireBlue1234 The fact is 64 can be written as a base to the power of an index (fancy way of saying a number to the power of a number) in an infinite amount of ways! Here are some examples: 2^6 (this symbol ^ means 'to the power of'), 4^3, 8^2, 16^1.5, 32^1.2, 64^1, 4096^0.5. The list is endless!

      The most important fact that you need to know is that 64 is a square number. Here is a list of square numbers you might like to memorise:

      1 = 1^2

      4 = 2^2

      9 = 3^2

      16 = 4^2

      25 = 5^2

      36 = 6^2

      49 = 7^2

      64 = 8^2

      81 = 9^2

      100 = 10^2

      121 = 11^2

      144 = 12^2

      Let's say you are given the equation: 4^x-4 = 64, find the value of x.

      -To do this, express both numbers in the same base.

      4^x-4 = 4^3

      -Then, cross out the common base.

      x-4 = 3

      x = 7

      Hope this helps :). If you have more questions, please ask!

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      Thanks so much. Sorry for all the question but where did you get the 3 from. Is that the base?

      Thanks again.

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      3 is the index. In my example, 4 was the base. Since I had 4 as the common base on both sides of the equation, I crossed out 4 from each side, leaving me with x - 4 = 3. The reason I had 3 was: I wanted to write 64 as 4 to the number of some number, and it happens to be 3.

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      Sorry, I was meaning to say "4 to the power of some number".

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      Thanks so your previous message was irevelant. Also I was wondering do you have advice for studying maths as you seem to know an awful lot!

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      I guess in order to study maths effectively, you have to practice lots of questions that range in difficulty. Also practice worded questions that encourage problem solving skills. If there is a section in maths that you haven't grasped at fully, focus on that topic. You could ask your maths teacher (or even your parents) for further help in a certain section.

      In my case, it just so happens that both of my parents are excellent at maths, so I suppose most of my maths skills were inherited.

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      Thanks for all the help.

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      Thanks for the help

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      Thanks:] Good luck.

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      most of the times a person needs to learn all the powers in indices but if you write down the factors of whatever perfect square a questions asks you to square root, if one of the factors can be multiplied by itself and give you that answer, that number is the square root of the number in the question.

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