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    Paper 1 JuniorC2014

    What do I need to bring with me? Doing ordinary level, just dropped last week

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      study person

      maths set and calculator.....along with your normal pencilcase from other exams

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      Dont forget you'r calculator....they dont have extra with them...(the supervisors)

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      don't bring log tables, you will get into trouble!!!!

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      I was just wondering, does it matter if you use a pen or pencil in the maths exam?

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      nope, and pencil would honestly be the best, but try go for a darker one, not light one

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      Pre-Exam Checklist – What to Bring

      Ensure you have the following items ready for your exam:

       Mathematical set – ruler, set-squares, protractor, compass, pencil, eraser.

       Pens (blue or black, but NOT red!) for writing your answers.

       Pencils for drawing graphs

       Valid scientific calculator – make sure that it's working, that it's in the right mode and that the battery is not low. Ensure you are familiar with it and know how to use it for all the calculations you have to do.

       Highlighter pen (optional).

       Bottle of chilled water (optional).

       Chocolate or other small snack (optional).

      Best of luck!

      Eamonn -

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