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    Predictions on maths theorems?? niamh1038

    Does anyone have any predictions on the theorems for maths?

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      The Pythagoras theorem hasn't come u in a few years

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      Hope Pythagoras doesn't come up!

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      yeah same !! I hate the all the theorems:(

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      Just out of curiosity, how much study do you plan to get done tomorrow?? Just trying to see how much everyone else is doing

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      Im going to try and do 6 or 7 hours tomorrow !! what about you??

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      I did almost 9 hours yesterday, going to cut down to about 4/5 tomorrow, don't want to be going into the exam tired! Make sure to just relax and prepare for ENGLISH on Tuesday!!

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      wow that's a lot !! its very hard to study :( Are you Leaving or Junior cert?? Yeah :)

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      Junior Cert! You?? (*akward*) :/

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      11ND - CCM

      It's impossible to predict the theorem

      for this year because it's the first official year of project maths. Everyone is doing so much study.. Take a chill pill 😂👌👌

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      id say therom 14 ;]

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      Don't go learning theorms off at this stage. Just understand them, then write them down in your own words.Thats what project maths is all about understanding and using this information to apply to something else. eg a triangle with 2 values in it and u must know the 3rd, add the 2 and subtract from 180.

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