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    Trignometry VampireBlue1234

    Hey guys! So I'm in 3rd year and I'm just wondering does anyone know any good websites or tutorials to really get sin, cos, tan and pythagorus's therum into my head!!! Ye might even have yere own methods to help me.

    Please help:]


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      Sin :Silly Old Harry

      Cos : Caught A Herring

      Tan : Trawling off America

      Thats how i was taught for it to stick in my head , im in 6th year now and its still in there

      (hyp)2 = (opp)2 + (adj)2

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      Thanks Asleigh

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      Soh Cah Toa helps me best - just write it at the top of your page every time you attempt a question.

      Pythagoras' theorem...for me, it just comes up so often it's drilled into my far as I know its in our log books.

      Also remember special triangles, inverse sin/cos/tan (when getting the angle) and try lots of problems. (sorry don't know if you're HL or OL?)

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      Hey Im doing Hl:] Thanks for the help

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      Hi a great website is here : they do great explainations :) hope this helped you!

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      Thanks a million.

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      claire_cull are really good:D

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      type in "getting Triggy with it" on youtube....a high school in the US is using rap to show maths is fun

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      My maths teacher taught us a funny way of remembering sin, cos and tan

      Sin: Silly Old Hitler

      Cos: Couldn't Advance His

      Tan: Troops Over Asia

      Pythagoras theorem is as easy as ABC!

      a^2 = b^2 + c^2

      (just remember, 'a' is the longest side)

      Hope it helps :)

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      try: sin Oh Hell

      cos Another Hour

      tan Of Algebra

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      Thanks guys!!

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