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    What to study and how? VampireBlue1234

    SO... Im in 2nd year and the summer tests are fast approaching i was just wondering whats the best way do study maths and how? Also is there any resourses for maths?

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      heather hassett

      hi i am also in second year. my summer test are starting soon too. i think the best way to study maths is to read through the examples in your book. then do some examples in each section. also it helps to get exam questions that aren't in the book to see how the questions are phrased in tests. hope this helped

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      Thanks. We dont use exam papers yet and the teacher comes up with the questions.

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      11ND - CCM

      Only way the study maths is do questions and practice most what you're not the best at. For learning theorems it can be different depending on the type of learner you are, writing then out might work for you or maybe coming up with a pneumonic or just learning it by reading it again and again

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