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    Anyone get Question 3 today in maths hl paper it in the descrition Freedomhunter123

    Eleanor has a gross income of €38500 for the year.

    She has an annual tax credit of €3300.

    The standard rate cut-off point is €33 800.

    The standard rate of income tax is 20% and the higher rate is 40%.

    (a) Find Eleanor’s net income for the year (i.e. after tax is paid).

    Eleanor receives a pay rise. As a result, her net income for the year is €34780.

    (b) Find Eleanor’s new gross income for the year.

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      i didnt get part (b). (a) was piss easy

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      yeah loads didn't I got an answer but idk if it was right

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      ^ same, i got like 43000 (something around that)

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      Part B was 41200 (I actually guessed this in the exam and it happened to be right0

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      I eventually did after an hour its 41200. The question was sneaky as you needed to use algebra and treat the gross income as x

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      Here's how you work it out:

      Gross income: x

      Gross tax:

      €33800 . 20% = €6760 (I used the full stop as a multiplication sign so you wont be confused by it and the variable 'x')

      (x - €33800) . 40% = 2/5(x - €33800) = 2/5x - €13520

      Total Gross tax: €6760 + 2/5x - €13520 = 2/5x - €6760

      Tax credit: €3300

      Net tax (tax payable): 2/5x - €6760 - €3300 = 2/5x - €10060

      Net income: €34780

      We know that: Gross income - Net tax = Net income

      So: x - (2/5x - €10060) = €34780

      5x - (2x - €50300) = €173900 (Multiplied both sides by 5)

      5x - 2x + €50300 = €173900 (Remember: double negatives gives you a positive)

      3x = €123600

      x = €41200

      Therefore: the Gross income was €41200.

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      @damilola.adeniji.50 I must say, you're very lucky. Often people make an attempt at a question, but never arrive to the right answer. You, however, got it right! As long as you showed that a gross income of €41200 will give Eleanor (the person in the question) a net income of €34780, you would probably get full marks!

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      I got close to it i think. oh well...i used cross multiplication

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      i can't remember what i got i don't think it was 41200 but it worked out when i checked it backwards :(

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      How did I get here..

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