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    Anyone have any idea what theorem proof is going to come up??? kerm2109

    I'm thinking about learning theorem 19 off but if anyone has any other tips please let me know!!!

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      @kerm2109 , it is very unlikely that theorom 19 will come up as it has come up a lot in previous years. its most likely that pytagoras will come up. also you should probobly learn the 3 easier ones as is easy marks to gain but also easy marks to lose if they come up.

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      Thanks so much! Do you know any resources that give a breakdown of the proof of Pythagoras theorem? @mathswhiz101

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      Thereom 19 is most likely to come up as they haven't changed it since 2010. The circle on the standing arc. Thereoms is definitely gonna come up as none came up last year.

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      usually the one about proving the arcs in a circle, i'm unsure the number. proof of pythagoras came up on the mock , unsure on where you can find it, maybe a past marking scheme?

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