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    Can a teacher Force you to do ordinary level naxmax9

    I am in second year in school and got 40% on my easter grade. I am willing to get grinds too. I currently do higher level maths. Can my teacher force me to do ordinary level maths if i am finding it difficult. I really want to keep on doing higher level maths.

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      No. It is up to you if you want to do higher or ordinary. For example, my maths teacher (I'm HL also and get around 40-60% range in each test, so I manage to pass each test) tells some of my class that they should do ordinary level because she is worried that they are struggling with higher level but then she says "but at the end of the day, it's your choice" - see how she isn't forcing them?

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      A teacher isn't really allowed to force anyone into taking levels. When you get near the junior cert (generally after the mocks) you're given a sheet with all the subjects to do and it's up to you to decide whether you want to sit the ordinary or Higher Level paper. I'm in Higher Level maths too and I know that it's difficult, but though it may not sound like it but 40 is an ok grade - considering the fact it's an A+ in Ordinary Level, so you shouldn't stress too much. :)

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      ^ I was given this sheet last Monday and even though I struggled (I'm gettin' grinds though soon) with HL Maths (still managed to pass though), I still decided to keep it!!!

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      thanks everyone :)

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      A teacher cannot 'force' you, but they will certainly advise you. It may seem unfair to the student, but If I am advising a student to take a lower level it is for a genuine reason - especially at Leaving Cert level where fails can have a major impact. I would listen to the teacher, but ultimately, it is your choice.

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      No they won't force you just advise!! I got like 40% in my first year summer maths test and decided to do higher maths I'm doing the jc now and getting on really well I've been doing grinds and studying a lot! Once you are working your teacher will be happy for you to do higher!! :)

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      bird is the word

      my history teacher is saying that if i do not do well in my pres he is putting me in ordinary whatever i want or my parents want. i am sure he is not aloud do this but im interested to see whats going to happen as i know im not going to do well in my pres but have no intetion of going down to ordinary. i am going to try a lot harder for my actuall jc and its too late to do well in my pres.

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