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    Confusion around acceptable versions of Pythagoras theorum proof Dok101


    My teacher taught my class the Pythagoras theorum where we were given a square with each side marked off in the ratio a:b, to form small square c and 4 right angled triangles. Anyone who has done this proof will know what I am talking about.

    Recently I have read that this proof is not acceptable, although there is widespread confusion between students and teachers alike.

    My question is whether or not this version of the proof is acceptable. You get the same end result, but do you get the same marks?

    Thank you

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      I am not sure but the theorems on the project maths syllabus

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      Does anyone know if the theorem I mentioned in my question is acceptable?

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      Yes it is accepted in this form

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      The bastard didn't even come up 😂

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