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    didnt do the funtions what other questions Laire

    i didnt do the function part if the math paper 1 does anyone know any of the answers? cause i really dont want to fail

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      If you're talking bout Q14, that was worth 50 marks so that's 1/6 of the paper. Why didn't you do it? Did you not have the time, or did u just not understand it?

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      i couldnt understand it and now i feel ridiculous because i understand now im stressing alot if i had of got that i would have probably been looking at a high b any advice for how to pull myself up ?any thing would be appreciated

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      don't worry, you still have paper 2. Make sure to know your theorems, sin cos tan, area and volume, averages (mean, mode, median) etc, and practice exam papers, preferably 2014 sample papers

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