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Difference between p1 and2
rebecca_me123 Junior Cert Mathematics — 10/10/17 8

Can someone please tell me what chapters are in paper 1 and what chapters are on paper 2 for maths, tnx

FuckDaJC — 02/06/16
Paper 2 has more longer question and always has a theorem
SryanBruen — 02/06/16
Anything can appear on either paper BUT the main things that are expected to appear on each paper: Paper 1 Number systems - Indices, order of operations, prime numbers, prime factors etc Algebra - Factorising, equations, fractions, variables etc Functions Paper 2 Geometry Statistics & Data
SryanBruen — 02/06/16
Paper 1 would include Sets and Applied Arithmetic btw
FuckDaJC — 02/06/16
Here SryanBruen you King I love you bro #SryanBruenForTaoiseach2020
SryanBruen — 02/06/16
Love you too FuckDaJC. #FuckDaJCForPresident
jenny_1000 — 04/06/16
paper 2 also has co-ordinate geometry, area and volume, trigonemetry
student331 — 04/06/16
P1- number systems Sets Applied arithmetic Algebra Functions P2- Perimeter Area Volume Counting Probability Statistics Axioms Theorems and corollaries Formal proofs Constructions Transformation geometry Co ordinate geometry Triginometry
rebecca_me123 — 10/10/17
I know its a lil bit late now but thanks yall
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