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    does anyone know 2nd year co ordinate geometry???? Sarah2014

    i do not understand what equation formula to use and when to use it. How do you draw a line??


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      try this website - they explain alot for geometry

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      I do :) we just finished this chapter and I achieved 100% in the test:) its really easy.

      If they want you to find the 'equation if a line' they will give you one line (ex.line p) and a point on that line (ex.(4,7).All you have to do to find the equation if a line is to first find the SLOPE of line P using the y=MX+c formula and then when you found the slope you have to use the EQUATION OF A LINE formula using the two coordinates (4,7) and your new found slope :)

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      Its really easy to draw a line.They will give you coordinates example: A(4,6) andB(6,1)

      Now you plot them.For line A go to 4 on the x-axis and 6 on the y-axis.Now using your ruler join the two points together to get line A :)

      The same goes for Line B :)

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      thank you so much @makeupgirl and @eviemickey but just when do i know what formula to use





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